Meridian 21" Pan-Shield

   Key Features

  • Clear Polycarbonate construction

  • Exceeds police riot-shield spec. 

  • All over protection, including the rim.

  • Filters UV light.

  • Practically shatter-proof.

  • Water-proof. 



  • 21" (533mm) Internal  Ø

  • 150mm internal depth

  • 5mm Polycarbonate 

  • Pan-Shield weight 2.9kg

  • Pan-Shield + Meridian Padded Softcase  4.3kg

Instrument Compatibility

The Pan-Shield is designed to perfectly fit all post-2016 21" Meridian. However, it will also accommodate earlier Meridian made from 53cm Shellopan & Ayasa Shells.  


Case Compatibility

The Pan-Shield is designed to fit within the Meridian Padded Soft-Case. However, it will also fit perfectly inside an Evatek M case with the foam removed. 


£175 per pair. 

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