Meridian 18.5" Traveller

The Traveller  is the UK's first and only electro-acoustic handpan. It is the result of over a year of intense research & development.

The goal was simple - To make the perfect instrument for the travelling Musician...


   Key Features

  • 18.5" geometry - Small & light  enough to be comfortably carried on the players back, yet large enough to allow for complex and deep scales.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Material - Beautiful, strong and highly rust resistant. The perfect durable material for life on the road. 

  • Unique Patent Pending (GB1820454.5) incorporated pickup and jack allows the player to do away with external microphones and simply plug into their choice of amplification, be that a busking amp, loop station or a festival stage sound system.  

  • Choice of a padded softcase for day to day use, or a custom-made  hardcase for the professional travelling musician. 

Available Scales

E Amara

E/ B D E F# G A B D


F# Kurd:

F# / C# D E F# G# A B C#

G GiZa:

G / Bb D Eb F# G A Bb D

A Oxalis:

A/ C# D E F# A C# D E


Meridian Traveller 18.5" - £1475

18.5" Padded softcase - £95

18.5" Padded hardcase - £195

Meridian Pickup VS Studio Mic Demo
Meridian Pickup FX Demo

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