Meridian Traveller stainless with a pickup jack
Meridian handpans
Nitrided steel Meridian
Meridian Pan-Shield
Open Pan-Shield with a Meridian
Closed Pan-Shield with a Meridian
Handpan ding protected by Pan-Shield
Pan-Shield rim protection
Handpan with Pan-Shield in a softcase
Meridian Traveller connected to an amplifier
Stainless Meridian Ding
Meridian Pickup Jack
Stainless Meridian tone fields
Stainless Meridian port
Stainless Meridian rim
Nitrided Meridian with polished dimples and ding
Meridian in clamps
Nitrided steel Meridian
Meridian polished rim
Meridian polished port
Meridian polished ding
Lauri Wuolio from Kumea Sound with his handpans
Marcel Hutter playing a Meridian