Choose your Meridian Size & Scale

Meridian 21" Standard 

  • 21" geometry - The perfect balance between size & the ability to accommodate large numbers of notes and/or low scales.

  • Nitrided Hydroformed  Shells - Ceramic touch, colourful and rust resistant.  

  • Polished centre-note dimple,  port and rim. 

  • Etched Meridian Logo.

  • Hand engraved  scale name and month/year of production. Complimentary name engraving can be added by prior agreement. 

  • Choice of a padded softcase for day to day use, or a hardcase for the professional travelling musician. 

C# Raga Desh - C# / G# B C# E# F# G# B C#

An Indian inspired C# major pentatonic scale that is uplifting in feeling. A resonant, low scale perfect for meditation as well as melodic play. 

D Celtic Minor - 8 D / A C D E F G A C

A slightly lower version of the E Amara. A little darker, but with a wistful, open feeling. D minor without the minor 6th - giving a more hopeful feel.

E saBye D - E / A B C# D# E F# G# B 

A sweet, E Major instrument that lends itself to melodic playing. The scale starts from the 4th of the scale (from the first tone field) and gives a bright, almost Lydian quality to the instrument.

F Low Pygmy - F / G Ab C Eb F G Ab C

A brooding, F minor based pentatonic that skips the 4th and 6th scale degrees. This gives a fairly open sound, without the darkness of the minor 6th.

F# Romanian Hijaz 9 - F# / B C# D E# F# G# A B C#

Based on the F#, this instrument represents the F# Harmonic Minor scale. Voiced from the second tone field, it gives a C# Hijaz scale. This is a complex and spicy instrument. Starting from the first tone field, this is the 4th mode of the Harmonic Minor scale, and gives an interesting version of the scale.

G Oxalista - G / B C D E G A B C D 
An airy, G major based instrument. Lacking the F# that would complete the G major scale, this instrument doesn’t have the full sweetness that the full major scale would give it. A very good instrument for beginners and more advanced players alike!

Meridian Traveller 18"

  • 18" geometry - Small & light  enough to be comfortably carried on the players back, yet large enough to allow for complex and deep scales.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Material - Beautiful, strong and highly rust resistant. The perfect durable material for life on the road. 

  • Unique Patent Pending (GB1820454.5) incorporated pickup and jack allows the player to do away with external microphones and simply plug into their choice of amplification, be that a busking amp, loop station or a festival stage sound system.  

  • Mirror polished port-rim.  

  • Etched Meridian Logo.

  • Hand engraved scale name and month/year of production. Complimentary name engraving can be added by prior agreement. 

  • Choice of a padded softcase for day to day use, or a custom-made  hardcase for the professional travelling musician.

E Amara - E / B D E F# G A B D

An E minor instrument with a scale that skips the 6th scale degree. This gives an open feeling, that is not as dark or brooding as the full natural minor scale. A great scale for celtic inspired melodies.

F# Kurd - F# / C# D E F# G# A B C#

An F# minor instrument with the full natural minor scale. The minor 6th (in this case the D) gives a dark, mysterious quality.

G Giza - G / Bb D Eb F# G A Bb D

A spicy instrument rooted in G harmonic minor. Starting on the D, it has a hexatonic (6 note scale) voicing of Hijaz or Hijazkiar (it misses the C or C# which would give a full version of either of those scales). Less forgiving for beginners, but with practice Giza will reveal it’s hidden musical delicacies!

A Oxalis - A / C# D E F# A C# D E

An airy, happy A major pentatonic (5 note) scale that is well suited to light melodic explorations.

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