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Located in central Bristol, in the Meridian HQ, Handpan Academy Bristol is a place for handpan players and enthusiasts of all levels and experiences. We offer a range of courses and lessons for those who want to learn and advance their handpan playing skills and try instruments of different scales, materials and sizes. 



Beginners weekend courses

  • Learn basic techniques to explore the handpan

  • Create simple melodies and rhythms

  • Jam with others, share the joy of playing music together

  • Try different scales and sizes of handpans

  • Discover the roots of handpans and how they are made



Learn with Mea Duo (Marketa and Lea Valentina) online with their handpan masterclass! This course is designed for confident beginners to intermediate players to explore their own way of expressing music - with rhythmical tools, creative exercises and fun play along videos!

Enter a code MEADUO for 10% discount on the MEA Masterclass & all the courses!

MEA Master the handpan masterclass
Master the handpan


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Marketa with a handpan

About Marketa

After years as a classically trained pianist, Marketa began her journey with the handpan in 2016, finding a new approach to music with this instrument. She began teaching hardpan workshops and lessons in 2018, before starting up The Handpan Academy Bristol in August 2020. Marketa performs both solo and as part of the handpan duo MEA. Her love for the handpan comes from the freedom to create your own melodies and rhythms and her classes guide students to express themselves through this unique instrument, connecting to music in a different way.

Please contact us via the form below if you would like to book Marketa to play the handpan for your event, concert or ceremony.

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Amy Naylor with a handpan

About Amy

Amy began playing handpan in 2014 and was first recognised by her unique style and use of loops to reimagine popular songs. Since then she has grown and developed a strong voice in the handpan community, singing modern mantras and songs of her own weaving. Her playing is a subtle blend of intricate patterns and simple, soothing sounds that weave and flow with her voice and lyrics. In her teaching, Amy explores a holistic approach to music making with the handpan at its core. 

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