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Meridian Handpan in stainless steel

Our most popular scales with a range of uplifting, melancholic and spicy moods in a classical layout of 9-10 notes. Perfect for starting your handpan adventure!

Meridian Handpan with 19 notes in stainless steel

Handpans with a more complex layout (up to 19 notes), offering extended harmonic and melodic possibilities. Ideal for those looking for a more challenging and versatile instrument.

F2 Low Pygmy 13 Meridian Handpan in stainless steel

Low-pitched handpans of mighty resonance. With darker and mystical sounds, these scales enchant players longing for a deep, atmospheric experience.

Meridian Traveller Handpan with a pickup

18.5" handpans for those on the move and for anyone wanting to enjoy the ease and compactness of a smaller instrument. 


Please note that all our prices are excluding VAT. For UK customers, a 20% VAT will be added to their purchase at the checkout.

International customers are not charged VAT. However, there may be a VAT/import duty charged by customs when the shipment arrives.

All Meridians come with a 2 year warranty on craftsmanship and a 5 year warranty on tuning (maximum one tuning per year) on a 'drop in' basis. 


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