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D Kurd 10

D Kurd 10 (including the central note)

D3 / A3 Bb3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5 


The undisputed king of handpan scales - a versatile all-rounder, perfect for beginners and more advanced players alike. This is the scale of choice for handpan teachers around the world, so if you plan to learn from the many handpan courses and tuition videos available online then D Kurd 10 is the scale for you!

D Kurd is a moody and atmospheric scale, derived from the D Minor scale. Compared to the D Celtic/Amara, it does not skip the 6th step of the scale (Bb3), which makes it a bit darker, more mysterious and allows for a more dramatic change of harmonies. 


Price incl. VAT (for UK-based customers): £1595

Internal diameter: 21"/ 53cm

Material: Stainless steel 

D Kurd 10

  • For UK customers, a 20% VAT rate will be added to their purchase at the checkout. All other international customers (including customers from the EU) will not be charged a British VAT rate at the checkout, however, they will be charged VAT upon arrival of the instrument to their country based on the national VAT rates (other import charges might apply depending on your country).