Meridian 18.5" Traveller - G GiZa (without pickup)

G Giza 9 (including the central note) without pickup

G / Bb D Eb Gb G A Bb D

A spicy instrument rooted in G harmonic minor, fitted with Meridian pickup system. Starting on the D, it has a hexatonic (6 note scale) voicing of Hijaz or Hijazkiar (it misses the C or C# which would give a full version of either of those scales). Less forgiving for beginners, but with practice Giza will reveal it’s hidden musical delicacies!

You can find a video of this scale in the gallery above.

Case Options:
Meridian Softcase

Evatek Turtle Semi-Rigid Hardcase 

Meridian 18.5" Traveller - G GiZa (without pickup)

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