Meridian 18.5" Traveller - F# Kurd 8

F# Kurd 

F# / C# D E F# G# A B C#

An F# minor instrument with the full natural minor scale. The minor 6th (in this case the D) gives a dark, mysterious quality.

Case Options:
Meridian Softcase £95

Evatek Turtle Semi-Rigid Hardcase £160

Meridian 18.5" Traveller - F# Kurd 8


    Shipping Prices:

    UK £60
    EU £85
    USA £195
    Australia £225
    For other countries, contact us for a shipping quote...

  • Disclaimer

    Please note - Each Meridian is entirely hand-crafted and unique. The images above are for refference only and the instrument for sale may have some colour/aesthetic differences. 

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