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Meridian Preamp

This preamp has been cleverly designed to meet the specific requirements of the Meridian Handpan Pickup System. It is a battery powered preamp with a custom EQ curve which accurately mimics the natural sound characteristics of the Meridian handpan whilst simultaneously boosting the output volume. 


Price incl. VAT (for UK-based customers): £195

Meridian Preamp

  • The input impedance is 10Mohms and thus enables the wide frequency response of the very high impedance pickup to be fully utilised. The frequency response of the preamp has been tailored to roll off very low frequencies to prevent ‘boominess’ and rumble on stage while still retaining a full-bodied sound. Mid-band frequencies are carefully sculpted through the integrated EQ to mimic the natural acoustic sound of the Handpan.  The electronic and mechanical design ensure a very low noise floor of better than -125dbV across the audio frequency band. The preamp has a power-efficient design which runs from a single 9V alkaline battery for well in excess of 250 Hours.  The battery interface is reverse polarity protected to avoid mishaps. Insertion of a standard ¼” jack plug into the instrument input jack automatically turns on power to the circuit. Finally, a gain of 9dB is applied to the input signal in order to maximise signal to noise ratio and provide a good drive signal to any typical instrument amplifier.


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